1 month game jam!

Posted: 2014-01-20
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

With Super Sanctum TD released on the App Store, and the final DLC in the Season Pass for Sanctum 2 out on Steam, what might Coffee Stain be doing?

We have many plans for awesome games that we want to release, but I won't talk about those right now, because right now we're doing a 1 month gaming jam session to get our creative juices flowing, to relax a little bit from all the crunching, and for the lols. 

Anyways, we want to show off some of the stuff we've made during this game jam. This is Goat Simulator, a game where you will try to do as much damage as you possibly can as a goat. The elevator-pitch for Goat Simulator is "Imagine a skating game, except instead of being a skater, you're a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff." Here's some Goat Simulator footage!


Goat any questions? Post them below!



Is there a demo for this game?

If only my real goat had a soundtrack like that.... Where did it come from?

Yes, please, realease an alpha or something, i think if you put the download out on your site, you can track how many downloads and let players vote on every quality of the game, i think this would be 100% awesome, great for comentaries and lets plays via youtube.!!!!

Mee tooo !!! Take my money, gladly be an alpha tester !

i will help program and debug. i dont care. i will even switch from linux to windows for this. no fucks given. take my money, and give this to me.

Release this on steam and maybe add an Android version and you will totally rule the world! $100 of my money are on it if you kickstart Goat Simulator.


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