Development update #19 – PC patch and DLCs for consoles

Posted: 2013-07-31
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

Development update #19 – PC patch and DLCs for consoles

We recently rolled out a new patch on Steam that includes a new game mode completely for free called Sandbox Mode! In Sandbox mode, you can edit the following:

  • Resources gained each wave
  • Enemy HP can be scaled up or down
  • Tower Cap can be turned on or off

It’s been a much requested feature since day one, so now it’s finally implemented! We hope it’ll allow our players to play around more, experiment and that it’ll add a lot more replayability to the game. We’re also working on the second DLC right now. I can’t say exactly what it’s about (things are much more exciting when they’re secret, aren’t they?), but I can say that we’re having tons of fun making it!

(I decided to attach the most fun promo picture I had)

Regarding the DLCs, we’re looking to release DLC1 and DLC2 on consoles later this year as a single “big DLC”.. It takes a lot of time to get through Microsoft’s submission process, so we’re probably going to bundle up DLC1 and DLC2 into the same package. Regarding DLC3 and 4 it will depend on how sales develop and how painless the first DLC launch will be. We know that we have a very dedicated XBLA community that can’t wait to get their hands on our DLCs, so we definitely want to get it out there.

We know that we’ve been very silent with the game’s release date on PSN, simply because we have so little information on our side as well. We were supposed to release it at the same time as on PC and XBLA, but we’ve been stuck in the submission process for a very long time and often with little information from Sony on our side. We wish we had more information, but everything we can say for now is that we want to get it out as fast as possible so that our PSN community can enjoy the game as well.

There were some questions tweeted to me today, I’ll try to answer them in the blogpost as well:

@AxelRantila asks:

Any chance of getting a survival mode with randomized enemy spawn(akain to Sanctum 1)?

We’ve had some people asking for this, but it would require a lot of work (our entire spawn-system would have to be re-made), so it is currently not in our plans. There were a lot of people in Sanctum 1 who felt that the randomized spawn system resulted in survival runs being too luck-based, where your Core could be destroyed if the wrong kind of enemy would spawn. We wanted to encourage more players to aim for the leaderboards in Sanctum 2, so we made sure that the spawns would always be the same, which results in players having to carefully plan their tactics for each map, rather than run with one tactic that works for everything.

@MsObscura asks:

Will we ever see those floaty spore pod creatures again? Also, whats are the dev team's favourite sanctum 2 maps to play on?

Spore pods are totally awesome, but we only had time to finish one flying enemy for Sanctum 2 because of the fact that enemies’ AI is much more complex than in Sanctum 1. We also wanted a cooler enemy that could actually damage you as well, which is why Spitflies became the standard flying enemy in Sanctum 2. However, spore pods are still really fun and cute, so you might see a remake of them looking more awesome than ever in future DLCs!

My favorite maps are probably Outpost and The Wilderness. I like Outpost because it’s so big and open, and it also has one of my favorite movies ever as an easter egg. The Wilderness has a great color scale, and having the core situated in the middle allows for quite unconventional maze designs.

@Regris_Kallen asks:

What is your favorite part of a game you made happen?

Probably the Perk system, I just love how crazy players can go with them, and I find myself constantly thinking of new perk combinations to pick for different characters. The game has been out for months, but new combinations still pop up in my head and I’m all like “I gotta try that right now!*starts up Sanctum 2*”

That’s all I’ve got for now, thanks for reading and I hope I’ll see you in-game!


Armin Ibrisagic
Game designer & PR Manager



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I've been trying to lose some weight, but have not been able to. I've also tried diet pills and they don't work. I eat right. Could it be my age?.

So. Armin probably wants me to die from lack of food. Because I'm not going to leave my computer until I find the movie reference in Outpost.


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