Development Update #22 - DLC for XBLA & Teaser for PC fans!

Posted: 2013-12-06
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic


Yesterday we finally got approval from Microsoft to release an expansion pack for XBLA! That means that we'll bundle up the first two DLCs into one big DLC package for everyone on XBLA. Thing is, it takes us maybe a month to port the DLC, but getting the approval from Microsoft takes like three months, so that's why we haven't been able to go out with any new information until now when we've finally heard back from them.

We have an internal deadline that's the 17th of January for the DLC port to be done, however, please keep in mind that does not mean that the DLC will be up on XBLA then. 17th January is when we'll send all the content to Microsoft, it then takes a completely unknown amount of time before the DLC is actually out on XBLA. Best case scenario is that it shows up a week or so after, but a worse case scenario (that's still quite likely!) is that the game happens to crash at any time when they gametest it and that we have to patch it up and resubmit it again. Steam usually doesn't care if your game crashes, but on XBLA, if your game crashes even a single time during Microsofts internal testing, they send it back and you have to patch it. Usually most game companies don't go out with internal submit-dates to their players to avoid an angry backlash if something happens to go wrong, but we want to be as open and transparent with you guys as possible. This is just how it works in the game industry.

So, to summarize, we're sending in the DLCs to Microsoft on 17th of January, best case scenario is that it gets released a week or so later, but if we get asked to re-submit it, it could take a couple of weeks more, even months if we're terribly unlucky.


On a completely different note, I also want to give some news to our PC gamers! Something is coming, and it's not just winter. I'll give you this picture for now, but you'll know far more next week!



Will this bring the patches that were made to the PC version to the Xbox version?

Will this update my game to have the same modifications that were made to the Steam version (i.e., 15 tower max, no need for tower targeting perk...)?

Gah I really hate having to wait this long for dlc on Xbox live : (

My sanctum2 is already updating, and i cant wait...

Something coming in a week for us PC gamers? I'm excited :O

Really hope DLC will be coming for PSN as well soon after the XBLA release

My theory is that this teaser-pic is the first glimpse at the happenings in DLC4. (Note: Spoilers ahead!) It seemed that Alpha Squad (possibly?) planned to return to Elysion-One at the end of DLC3, and it was alluded to that Skye and General J. Whalebrook are going to converse. Those SiMo units with CG-01 in the above pic appear more standardized compared to the SiMo we know, most-likely from another part of the military, assisting in the fight against the Lume within Elysion. There's still Reid and the other Bright Foundation personnel to deal with, also. My second theory concerns how they might very well be prepping to ward off another Titan, albeit, I don't give as much merit to this one. Doesn't make quite as much sense... :/ Those are some of my thoughts. I'll stop now. ^^

I just thought that it could also be a new Char SiMo 2.0:P

It looks like 2 evil SiMos and a sky, or maybe its a skin pack :O I love sanctum 2 thank you so much Coffee Stain Studios! I CANT WAIT!!


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