How we design levels, eh?

Posted: 2012-11-09
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

As you might know, our Survival Contest winner & community member TigerHawkins will be designing the layout of a new map for Sanctum which will be added as a free DLC to everyone who owns the game. This blogpost will guide you through the different steps Coffee Stain Studios takes when designing a level for Sanctum from scratch.

First, TigerHawkins sent his level layout to me, including a descriptive text of his thoughts and plans for the map. Sadly we live in different time-zones, so I received the map over Skype around 2 AM in the morning, but hey, it’s not like he woke me up because I was sleeping because I have a job to go to in the morning or anything.



Anyways, our level-design team gathered the next day to make a free DLC map for all your people that pay for our cigarettes and alcohol.

The first step of designing a level for Sanctum begins with the SPINAROO. This is to increase brain activity and optimize workflow.

Next, our level design team, consisting of a designer (me) and an artist (Joakim Sjöö) was assembled, and we were ready to put our avant-garde minds together to create not just a map, but the greatest map. Ever.

Anyways, I’m the only one left at the office now so there is no reason really for me to work since I can play video games at the office instead without anyone knowing, so I’m going to do that now.

See you next blogpost, everyone!

Armin Ibrisagic



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