Sanctum Survival Contest!

Posted: 2012-10-12
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic

The only thing that's better than shooting Walkers in the face is winning prizes while doing it! The winner of the Survival Contest will get the opportunity to design his or her own level layout which will be added in-game as a free DLC map.

Contest info:

Map: Corporation
Difficulty: Hard
Game mode: Standard Survival

The contestant who can survive the most waves wins!

How to participate?

  1. Play the new Corporation map, survive as long as you can
  2. Take a screenshot of your score-screen
  3. Post your score and screenshot on our official forums ( under the "Sanctum Survival Contest" subforum and let the rest of the community see how long you could last!

Contest will end at 23:59 CET on 22 october 2012.


We will also be giving out five boxed copies of Sanctum Collectors Edition to the winner and the runner-ups, signed by all employees on Coffee Stain Studios! So stop reading this, and go defend the Core!



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