Super Sanctum TD on iPad!

Posted: 2014-01-10
Posted by: Armin Ibrisagic


After we released Super Sanctum TD on Steam, a lot of people said they wanted to play it on their iPad, so we decided to port it.

It’s coming out real soon too!

A small part of our team has been working on the mobile port for a couple of months now, but we didn’t want to tell you anything before we were completely sure that the mobile port was running smoothly - in case everything would go wrong and we would have to scrap the project completely I didn’t want dissapointed fans to pipe-bomb my apartment. However, luckily that is not the case, and Super Sanctum TD will be released more polished than ever on the App Store on the 16th of January!

The App Store has a ton of games for more casual players, so we think Super Sanctum TD will be a great premium experience for the more hardcore crowd. Hell, you might even want to buy an extra iPad just so you can wear it around your neck with the starting screen of Super Sanctum TD up all the time.

However, like I mentioned before, Super Sanctum TD has been ported by only a small part of our team. We're still PC developers, and will always be. So what’s the rest of our team doing? Well, I’ll tell you that in our next blog update! :D



Will this be coming to iPhone as well? I don't have an iPad and I've been looking forward to this on ios

It's awesome to see Sanctum break into the mobile scene! I don't own any iOS products, so I do hope that it could be ported to Android as well with relative ease. I'd buy it in an instant.

Yes you will have to buy it again even if you own the Steam version. We initially target iOS. If it does well Android is a likely next target. On top of this we will of course support the Steam version as well further down the line.

I dont know why you would only bring it out on ipad, not everyone in the world is a apple fan boy. more than the other half of the world owns an android


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