Goat Simulator PAYDAY

Beat people up and take their money then blast away all your money at Mahatma Gambling, the Indian casino - just like in that Al Cappuccino movie.

Join the criminal underworld

You've crashed into people's windows with a jetpack, you've hit level 101 in the Goat MMO Simulator, you've survived the zombie apocalypse. How do you even top that?

Introducing Goat Simulator: PAYDAY, the latest in goat simulation technology. Being a goat has never been this realistic.

Join the criminal underworld

Game information

Modes: Single Player / Co-op (4 Player)
Genre: High Tech Goat Simulation
Release Date: January 2016
Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
Developer: Coffee Stain Studios

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DLC Content

Goat Simulator PAYDAY is a DLC for the original "vanilla" game Goat Simulator.

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What are you waiting for?! Goat Simulator PAYDAY is out on PC, Mac and Linux.