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We're looking for a new nerd (programmer)

Coffee Stain North is hiring a programmer! In Stockholm! Read the programming job description and shoot us an email. If you want. <3

About Coffee Stain North

We are still a small-ish studio, and we’d like to stay that way. The games we make are the games we want to play.  We strongly believe in staying independent so that we can continue on our own path. We like to work in smaller, more focused teams where everyone matters. Micromanaging is not our style, so everyone needs to take responsibility over their own work.

Coffee Stain North is located in Stockholm, Sweden, one of the most gamer-centric cities in the country.

We believe diversity is a good thing and that creativity thrives when different backgrounds and perspectives are brought to the table. So if you’re any sort of minority in the game industry then we definitely encourage you to apply. Diversity is something we are constantly striving for.

Literally what making games is like

Programmer Role Description

Our current dev team consists of thirteen people, the team is experienced and have worked together for a long time. To get the chance to be part of this great team you need to be a down to earth nice person. The programmers work tightly together, in an open and honest environment where everyone understands that creating bugs, resolving them and learning from that is all a part of being a programmer.

As an ideal candidate, you enjoy managing your own time and tasks. You enjoy gameplay programming with high variety in your work tasks. As we are a small-ish studio, you will be expected to be able to work with people across all disciplines within game development.

Ideally you have already worked at least a couple of years in the games industry. You are familiar and comfortable with agile development. We are currently working in Unreal Engine 4, which means you will be working in both C++ and blueprint ( visual script ). Any Unreal Engine 4 or C++ experience is a big plus, but not a requirement.

Perks of being a Coffee Stainer

We offer competitive salaries with excellent benefits. We have a really nice bonus program which you will benefit from, payments to your pension fund as well as getting time off to work out.

As an employee you will also have creative time every other week which lets your inner passion blossom. You will also get a chance to have a big influence over your own work and taking initiative is encouraged. This goes for both the projects we work in or life at the office in general. Besides all that you get to work with an amazing team in an amazing office.

If any of this seem interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to get back to us at:

[email protected]


(that's "thank you" for all you non-scandinavians like me out there who, when joining, was inundated with crazy new words like semla and sjuksköterska. but it's ok, you get used to it after a while)

Hey hey video maker!

Coffee Stain Publishing are looking for someone to make our games look great on video. We’d like help with making trailers, gifs and other moving material based on the different games we’re working with (you can see them here

Please send us your portfolio.

Position is part-time to begin with and located wherever you can find wifi signal (but preferably you live in a timezone close to Sweden).

About Coffee Stain

Coffee Stain Publishing is a company started under the Coffee Stain Group, with the goal to rock the publishing scene. We help build games into awesome products that sell well. We don't look for a specific type of game, except they have to be games we would love to play ourselves and see business potential in.

Important to us

  • Entrepreneurship
  • High ambitions
  • Constant development
  • Multi talents

We give

  • High influence
  • Great freedom and responsibility
  • The chance to participate in something awesome

AND… Action!


[email protected]

Open Application

Coffee Stain is an awesome place to work and we're always looking for talented individuals. If you think you can provide something to us that we don't have yet, then don't hesitate.

Open Application
Open Application

Our Culture

We’re nerds. We’re hipsters. We’re gamers. We make the games that people don’t know they want yet. We are not pioneers but we are explorers. 

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