Community Manager (Göteborg)

The successful game studio that kept its indie soul is expanding to Gothenburg. Join us as we once again build one of the best workplaces in Sweden! Apply here

The project

Coffee Stain is looking for new colleagues to help build our brand-new Gothenburg office from the ground up. The team will be developing a game on the Roblox platform. The game has already seen some years of development by just a few developers and has a comfortable degree of commercial success. However, now is the time when we will start expanding the team, to add features and get the game to a level of quality that the developers so far have only been able to wish for.

Like most Roblox games this game is built around social interactions and roleplaying between players, to which it adds elements of home building and modern-life simulation. An essential part of the gameplay is the possibility to build complex and inspired homes. To maintain and increase the game’s popularity we will expand and refine the backdrops and props that serve the roleplaying and the life simulation. This means we will be creating furniture, house-building parts, vehicles, picnic areas, even little towns! Furthermore, the creation of fun and engaging minigames, along with refinement of the core elements of the game, such as the real-life-job simulation and the house editor, will keep us occupied for the foreseeable future. It is our hope and vision that every team member will be a driving force in the game direction, so that the mix of our different skills and perspectives result in unexpected awesomeness!

Being part of this studio from day zero means there will be ample opportunity to take on big responsibilities and grow together with the studio. What we will be doing and how we will do it are still in many ways up in the air. And you as our colleague will be an important part of forming that vision and putting it into action!


What we are looking for

We think all our applicants are excited about making great games in collaboration with other talented game makers. We all want to grow and develop our skills, but we also know that to achieve that growth and development, we need each other. We do our best to stay sharp, we also give each other a helping hand when we see colleagues struggle. We understand that no single person has all the answers, and that a game-creating enterprise needs a strong team spirit to succeed.

Your actions as a team member are going to play a key part. Building a culture of constructive collaboration takes a great deal of implicit trust, personal responsibility, and sometimes a lot of patience. To grow with us you will have to be OK with not every detail of our workflow being fixed at the outset. Rather, we want you to be excited about us figuring things out together along the way.


We need all our team members to be

  • Trustworthy
  • Dependable
  • Communicative
  • Collaborative
  • Self-driven


With us you will

  • Keep a close eye on and support the community
  • Define and build our social-media presence from the ground
  • Work as a bridge between developers and community
  • Assist in collecting bug reports and feature requests


We want you to

  • Have a good sense of how to communicate with the community through different channels
  • Be able to work in a structured and systematic way
  • Have a genuine interest in the type of game we make


It’s a plus if you

  • Have prior CM experience
  • Have skills in producing social-media content, such as TikTok and Youtube (provide samples!)
  • Have prior professional experience of social-media content production
  • Have prior experience of the game industry


Working at Coffee Stain Gothenburg

In a Coffee Stain studio we afford each other a great deal of freedom and trust. We believe individual autonomy is essential to a meaningful professional life. We want to stay proud of the high quality of our collective work, and we understand that high quality takes time and dedication, but also some slack. We don’t micromanage, we don’t rush to meet deadlines, and we certainly don’t crunch. We are family-friendly and make sure everyone keeps a healthy work/life balance, because at the end of the day we want everyone to feel joy and inspiration at work for the long haul. We welcome all genders, sexualities, backgrounds, beliefs, ethnicities, and ages, and see diversity as not only fair but also beneficial and ultimately profitable.


We offer

  • Competitive salaries and excellent benefits, often exceeding collective agreements
  • Occupational pension
  • A nice office in central Gothenburg, right next to Domkyrkan
  • Wellness grant and exercise during work hours
  • Top-up of parental benefit
  • Flexible work hours and option to partially work from home
  • Days when you can be creative on your own terms
  • Lots of freedom, responsibility, and room to grow


The new Gothenburg studio is part of a family of several studios, creating a network of over a hundred talented game creators. We talk, throw parties, and support each other professionally. For us as a fledgling studio, this means not only getting the nice feeling of belonging to a big, warm community, but also being able to draw on the invaluable experiences of many who have already made the journey that we are now about to embark on.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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