Producer at Coffee Stain Publishing

We’re looking for a Producer to join Coffee Stain Publishing, in Skövde. Apply here

Coffee Stain Publishing is looking for a producer to our Skövde office. The city is one of the most game-centric ones in the whole country. People here work with games, Volvo, the military, or at the hospital. No exceptions. We’ve only got like three bars or something, but the train lets you go to both Gothenburg and Stockholm quite easily if you’re into that. It's a huge plus if you're already here or don't mind moving here.  

About Coffee Stain Publishing

We are a small publishing team of about a dozen people that care deeply for every game we make, not just the one closest to release or the one that’s the most successful right now. We help each other out and being supportive is important to us, we believe that people are at their best when they’re supported and trusted. At Coffee Stain Publishing you will have colleagues in Skövde, Malmö and Stockholm and we all try to meet IRL at a regular basis.  

Role Description 

In the role of Producer, you will be working closely with the development team to create and maintain the project planning and support the team in delivering milestone goals while maintaining a healthy and creative work environment focused on teamwork and transparency. 

An important aspect of being a producer at Coffee Stain is understanding the games we’re working on and make sure that we make them the best they can be. We know that the role of a producer can be very varying, and we don’t have a specific mould you need to fit. 

We want to create games together with the devs and be more than a business partner. 


Responsibilities and job descriptions include but are not limited to

  • Support the team and make sure that they have a healthy and positive work experience so that they can focus on doing their best 
  • Oversee, organise, and track ongoing and future feature development 
  • Communicate project state and progress to internal and external stakeholders 
  • Take initiative over your own work and have flexibility depending on the games and teams you’re working with 
  • Work sufficient verbal and written communication skills in English 

Qualifications that are a plus 

  • Previous management experience within game development or similar, or just game developer experience in general 
  • Good knowledge of project management processes, methodologies, and tools 


Even if you don't fit the description 100% you're more than welcome to apply!  


Perks of being a Coffee Stainer 

We offer competitive salaries with excellent benefits. We try to follow the Collective Agreement as close as we can, which means payments to your pension fund and insurances. We also believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, so on top of the wellness grant, you get some paid time off to work out. We understand the need and want for working from home when needed. 

Practical info  

The position is permanent, full-time, 40 hours per week, in Skövde.  

Apart from us, the Coffee Stain group consists of COFFEE STAIN STUDIOS in Skövde (Sanctum, Goat Simulator, Satisfactory), EASY TRIGGER (Huntdown) and COFFEE STAIN NORTH that’s currently working on a super-secret project.  

If you want to know more about our games, take a look at 

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