QA tester

We're looking for a dedicated QA Tester to be part of our team! Apply here

About Coffee Stain Studios  

Coffee Stain Studios is the biggest development team under the Coffee Stain brand and it's where it all started back in 2010. For the last five years we've been developing Satisfactory, which is currently in Early Access. If you're not familiar with the game, take a look below! The game has been quite the success but there are still a ton of things we want to do with it.  

Micromanaging is not our style, so everyone needs to take responsibility over their own work. We want everyone to feel like they’re contributing to the end product and thrive towards always becoming better at what they do.  

Coffee Stain Studios is located in Skövde, Sweden. The city is one of the most game-centric ones in the whole country. People here work with games, Volvo, the military, or at the hospital. No exceptions. We’ve only got like three bars or something, but the train lets you go to both Gothenburg and Stockholm quite easily if you’re into that. It's a huge plus if you're already here or don't mind moving here. We are mainly looking for someone to join us working from the office.  

Diversity is something we encourage and support. Not only does creativity thrive when different backgrounds and perspectives are brought together, we also grow as people. Coffee Stain Studios has grown more diverse over the recent years, but we still believe we can improve more. If you're uncertain, here are some examples about how we've supported minorities: Donna Day, LTPF and various Embracer initiatives.

Role Description

Working with us, you will closely collaborate with all disciplines to ensure our game is currently working as best as it can and to ensure any future updates release to the public as stable as possible, as well as help build and organize a live bug tracker and backlog.

You will be working closely every day with our producers, programmers and another tester so things will always be lively!

Responsibilities and job descriptions include but are not limited to

  • Test and provide feedback on existing and upcoming features in a variety of areas from: functionality, stability, balancing, compatibility, QoL, optimization, etc.
  • Work alongside QA teammates and related disciplines to communicate every day about important issues and ongoing progress
  • Compose routine bug reports and periodical stability reports (No quotas)
  • Routinely verify existing bugs in order to keep an up to date backlog
  • Assist our player community with consumer support related tasks and FAQ
  • Assist Community Managers and Producers with reading, gathering and verifying player reported issues and confirming them into properly documented bug reports
  • Collaborate with Producers and other team members for bug database administration

Qualifications that are a plus 

  • Experience in QA testing in the games industry
  • Fluent in English
  • Testing experience in the PC environment
  • Great communication skills
  • Proficiency using software of your preference to capture videos/screenshots to help identifying and documenting bugs
  • Experience using administration tools as a bug tracker (Trello/Jira/Etc)

 Perks of being a Coffee Stainer  

We offer competitive salaries with excellent benefits. We try to follow the Collective Agreement as close as we can, which means payments to your pension fund and insurances. We also believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, so everybody gets time off to work out.   

As an employee you will also have creative time every other week which lets your inner passion blossom. You will also have influence over your own work and taking initiative is encouraged. This goes for the projects we work on as well as life at the office in general.  

On top of all that you get to work with an amazing team in an amazing office!  

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You can take a closer look at some of our fabulous crew on our YouTube channel: Coffee Stain YouTube Channel