World designer internship

Want to learn how to build and decorate an open world? Apply here!

As a world designer on Satisfactory you fall somewhere between art and design, closely collaborating with both departments to build an open world for players to explore and build in. Currently there is one world designer on the team, who would be your partner in crime

The work entails

  • Working in Unreal Engine, editing the game world. 
  • The placement of static meshes, foliage, as well as editing and painting landscape, and implementing rough initial lighting. 
  • Establishing and applying an artistic direction to areas in the game world. 
  • Improving existing areas visually and navigationally. 
  • Using a library of existing assets to assemble area-specific sets
  • Using asset sets to decorate existing areas. 
  • Rebuilding areas according to new direction. 

To clarify: a world designer does not create art assets themselves nor do they create (combat) encounters. 

Questions for you: 

  • Why do you want to intern at Coffee Stain Studios? 
  • Why do you want to intern as a world designer? 
  • Is there anything specific about Satisfactory, good or bad, that interests you? 
  • What do you want to learn from us? 
  • Do you have a preference for working methods and/or culture? 
  • How would you like to learn and/or be mentored? 
  • When and how long is your internship period? 
  • Would you be available to work at the Skövde location or would you work remotely? 

About Coffee Stain Studios  

Coffee Stain Studios is the biggest development team under the Coffee Stain brand and it's where it all started back in 2010.  We're located in Skövde, Sweden which is one of the most game-centric citys in the whole country. For the last five years we've been developing Satisfactory, which is currently in Early Access. If you're not familiar with the game, take a look below! The game has been quite the success but there are still a ton of things we want to do with it.  

Micromanaging is not our style, so everyone needs to take responsibility over their own work. We want everyone to feel like they’re contributing to the end product and thrive towards always becoming better at what they do.  

Diversity is something we encourage and support. Not only does creativity thrive when different backgrounds and perspectives are brought together, we also grow as people. Coffee Stain Studios has grown more diverse over the recent years, but we still believe we can improve more. If you're uncertain, here are some examples about how we've supported minorities: Donna Day, LTPF and various Embracer initiatives.


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You can take a closer look at some of our fabulous crew on our YouTube channel: Coffee Stain YouTube Channel