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We always want to help out if we can, but in order to help you we would need a few pieces of information about your system. Before you submit be sure you check the common issues at our support page.


Press Windows key + R and type "dxdiag" let it run for a little while and press Save Information. This will save all relevant information about your system. Attach the saved file to this conversation. It would also be helpful to see the log the game creates when it attempts to start, please find said log in %MY DOCUMENTS%\My Games\GoatSim\GoatGame\Logs\Launch.log and attach it to your reply, if the log file is empty or not there - that's fine just let us know.

Also make sure you have all of the latest drivers installed.


Please provide me with the following information about your mac:

  • OSX version
  • Processor type
  • Amount of system memory
  • Graphics card type mac type ( eg. MacBook Pro 2011)

Secondly I would need to see the log file that the game creates when it attempts to launch, find it here:

Right-click on the game in steam and choose properties. Click LOCAL FILES then BROWSE LOCAL FILES... Right-click on the package and choose Show Package Content. Navigate to the folder Contents/Resources/GoatGame/Logs.

Open up 'Launch.log' with any text editor and go to and paste in the contents, and then lasty post the link that pastebin gives you in this thread.


No logs needed on mobile platforms, just describe your issue.

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