Battlerite goes Free to Play

Hey. Something big happened for our friends over at Stunlock Studios this week. Their game Battlerite just went full release and moved into Free to Play. Why am I writing about this? The project has been a collaboration between our studios, where Coffee Stain Studios went in to fund the development back in 2015.

Stunlock had went through some tough years, and when signing with us, the deal was tailored to give them creative freedom, full control of the IP and a brighter future. Being friends and located in the same small town Skövde, it was a natural thing for us to do, and it seems to work out pretty well :)

The aim was to initially to launch Battlerite in Early Access, which Stunlock successfully did in 2016, but now we’re at full launch, heading into F2P, which was always the main plan. It’s been a heck of a journey for Stunlock, and everyone at Coffee Stain are super proud and happy about what Stunlock has achieved! Battlerite has gone from the idea to overhaul an old loved project, and turning it into, what looks to become a very successful game as a service! Not a small accomplishment!

If you are into competitive games, fighting games or moba-likes and didn’t yet check Battlerite out yet, I highly suggest you do so, because it’s one hell of a great game.

We wish Stunlock the best of luck down their, now more than ever, interesting path!

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Anton Westbergh

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