Coffee Stain and RawFury at PAX EAST 2017

On Friday PAX EAST starts! We are going and we’ll be exhibiting together with our friends over at RawFury. Come say hi and check out the games below at booth #12124.

Go on a retro-trip in Huntdown, a 1980's hard-boiled arcade shooter developed by newly formed development studio Easy Trigger. Huntdown brings you back to the roots of side scrolling shooters and will give you a nostalgia trip! Using a wide variety of hardware to make a healthy living, by making living unhealthy, Huntdown let’s you rock it out alone or together with a friend in co-op mode!

In the far future, space mining corporation Deep Rock Galactic cares only about one thing, gold and riches. For their hardest and most dangerous missions, they send out the dwarves! Come check out Deep Rock Galactic, and experience the daily job of a space dwarf, dig your way down through the darkness in procedurally generated cave systems in this Unreal 4 powered co-op survival!

Tormentor X Punisher will rip your mind in half. We want to see your high scores in this brutal one-hit kill arena shooter and if you’re good enough you might win some awesome prizes. Oh yeah, we’re going to be holding a tournament all weekend long and the better the scores you get in TXP, the better prizes you’ll potentially have access to.

Dandara is gaaaawgeous Metroidvania that will be playable on the Nintendo Switch! It’s a game made for both gamepad and touchscreen, with either control method feeling natural. Seriously! No weird virtual d-pad stuff for the touch controls, come mess with it on Switch because it really shows off what that slick little thing can do.

Scooped up the IGF 2017 award for Excellence in Audio AND announced for Nintendo Switch all in the same week, you can play it on Switch at PAX! Come check out all the new content that has been added since launch!

You’ll be able to see Kingdom: New Lands running on tablets for the first time because it’s coming out on mobile soon! Playing Kingdom on the go… think about that for a sec. Mmmmhmmmmm.

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