Coffee Stain Gamejam!

Coffee Stain Gamejam

Now when summer has arrived to Sweden, we decided that it would be fitting to do a game jam before everyone goes off on vacation. We had three days (24 hours in total) to make our games, and the theme that we made our games under was "that escalated quickly". Every team has written a little blurb about their games, which you can read below!

Group 1

Johann Sebastian Rulltrappa Was our attempt at making a music game, we thought it would fit well with the theme “That escalated quickly”, to the sound of Screen Shot by Swans. We figured that ramping up the intensity of “notes” would be a perfect, natural way to escalate.

Johann Sebastian Rulltrappa turned out to be a really psychadelic trance-like experience in the end. Ramping up the difficulty as our initial plan said didn’t really work out the way we hoped so we sort of changed our goal a little. We went for more of a steady pace with escalating button combinations and visuals that slowly but surely flipped out.

Our wonderful designer has uploaded some footage at this twitter link

Group 2

This was a artist-only group which led us to make something a bit more simple as we had very little experience scripting games. The game is a pretty simple FPS game where your gun will automatically shoot bouncing balls. The player can choose to change the color of the balls to either red or blue. The enemies that are spawning are also color coded to red and blue and will follow the player around the map. If a blue ball hits a blue enemy it will deal damage to but if it hits a red enemy, the enemy will grow and get more health. Same with the red ball but the blue enemies will split up in two. The game escalates pretty quickly to the point where the game runs at 5FPS or you die and have to start over.

Group 3

Our group was composed of Johannes (Producer & Programmer) Armin (Designer) and Gustav (Porgrammer). Since our group was heavily geared towards programming and we had very little potential to make art, we decided to make a game that was very programming and design heavy. Our game is called “School President”, and is an attempt to create a story where you start out as a school president, work yourself up to become an actual president, and end up as the president of the entire world, fighting an intergalactic war against the Illuminati and the Lizardpeople. Gameplay-wise, it’s not exactly like a grand strategy game, but it’s a little grand strategy. We were inspired mainly by Democracy, and the way the different bubbles affect each other in that game.

Group 4

In our group we had two graphic artists (Joakim and Gustaf) and one hard carrying programmer (Markus). We managed to make a small little game called “High Five”. The goal of the game is to, you know, high five. To do so you and your friend start to run towards each other . When you are at just the right distance, just before colliding, both players need to press “A” at the right moment. If successful, a mighty high five is executed and the shear force of impact pushes both players away from each other. Failing this and the outcome for you or your friend will probably be fatal. After they’ve landed, the players once again start running towards one another but each time with increased distance and speed, making the window of opportunity harder to hit. The team with the furthest distance traveled wins!

Group 5

Our game lets the player experience the thrill of a high stakes dog show. You begin in the dressing room where your dog is happily allowing you to dress it up in all manner of fancy clothing and accessories. When your dog is looking absolutely perfect and you’re ready to meet the judges it’s time to head to the judging room. You can feel the anticipation in the air as you stand before the judges and the audience, your opponents dog proudly wagging it’s tail next to yours. That’s when the metal fence slams down and the fight begins. Watch in horror and amazement as the two dogs duke it out like old school cartoon characters. The outcome is depending on the dress up of the dogs. Each item is associated with a category and the fight is essentially an elaborate game of rock paper scissors. We had a lot of fun with this cute and silly game, and hope you agree that this dog show escalated quickly!

Group 6

So the theme for the Jam was “that escalated quickly”. We got caught up with the “escalated” part and pretty soon got it converted into “elevated”.  And with VR fresh in our minds we decided to to an elevator game which you could play in VR. Small space where you can interact with a limited set of things, seems like a good fit.

As for gameplay we wanted the player to be able to ride the elevator to different floors and when reaching the floors the player would somehow recieve something that could boost the elevator. At the panel where the player chooses which floor to ride to there’s a button with the text “Space” on it which as it says will take the player up to space! =)

What we wanted to create and what ended up being created are not entirely the same thing. We do have an elevator. The elevator can go up to space ( and to specific floors ). When you go to a floor the door opens and a amount of fishes are thrown in…..yea there were something more planned with the fish but this is what we had time for.

Even though it’s not much of a game interaction wise we did get a nice feel for developing a game for VR and that was really fun.

That was all for this gamejam this time! Let us know what you guys think. We hope you enjoyed reading about our buggy adventures.