Coffee Stain invests in new developer Lavapotion

More exciting stuff is going on! We just invested in newly founded game developer Lavapotion (

LavaPotion starts out in a secret HQ in Gothenburg with the mission to build something amazing. We can't wait til we can talk more about the project!

Coffee Stain steps in as a significant minority and will take a place in the Lavapotion board. 

Magnus Alm, one of the founders of Lavapotion says 
“Honestly, it feels just great to leave the free to play bullshit behind us. Getting to work with an investor who cares more about the way we design spell systems rather than how we maximize profit is a fresh break from what we are used to."

For now we'll leave you with these images

Magnus Alm       Patrik Liljecrantz

Carl Toftefelt       Niklas Borglund

Anton Westbergh

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