Coffee Stain Launches New Mobile-First Studio, Coffee Stain Malmö

Coffee Stain has restructured its senior team to welcome the new division, as it looks to build on the success of Goat Simulator and Huntdown mobile launches and bring more of its critically-acclaimed portfolio to mobile.

SKÖVDE, Sweden. 09 February — Coffee Stain has today announced the launch of its new mobile-first game studio, Coffee Stain Malmö, the latest addition to an award-winning roster of indie video game studios. Heading up this division will be Daniel Persson, VP of Mobile at Coffee Stain Publishing who joined the company in 2020. With 20 years experience in the games industry, and 10 years in mobile games, Daniel has held senior roles at King, Goodgame Studios, and SYBO Games.

This follows a decade of rapid growth for the organisation, including breakout publishing success stories Valheim and Deep Rock Galactic, alongside developing critically-acclaimed original titles Satisfactory and Goat Simulator.

“I’ve built and grown studios from the ground up throughout my career, and I’m really excited to lead this new initiative on the backbone of Coffee Stain’s tried and tested approach to great video games,” commented Persson. “From creating fresh and exciting IPs, to bringing our award-winning titles to the small screen, there is so much potential for us to explore!”

The studio will incorporate both the development and publishing of mobile games under the Coffee Stain banner, focussing initially on Goat Simulator and Huntdown on iOS and Android, with more titles to be announced soon.

Coffee Stain Publishing has restructured its existing leadership team to build this new division of the organisation. Leading this new studio, Daniel Persson, has been appointed VP of Mobile, working alongside Albert Säfström who has been appointed VP of Publishing. Both Albert and Daniel will report to Anton Westbergh as CEO of Coffee Stain.


Coffee Stain Malmö is currently hiring, and job postings can be found here. Corporate assets can be found here.


About Coffee Stain: 

Coffee Stain is a game development studio, publisher and investor with offices in Skövde, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. Founded in 2010, Coffee Stain Studios is responsible for the ridiculous global sensation Goat Simulator, the Sanctum Games, and the factory builder Satisfactory, currently in Early Access. 

Coffee Stain Publishing was founded in 2017 to find talented developers and give them the tools and time to make their dream games. Since launch, the publishing arm has handpicked a select number of projects to partner with including Deep Rock Galactic, critically acclaimed retro arcade platformer Huntdown, and new indie triumph Valheim, currently in Early Access on Steam.

In 2018 Coffee Stain launched Leveling the Playing Field (LTPF) to support gender equality in the games industry, which offers funding to smaller and start-up development teams where at least half of employees are women. In 2020, LTPF expanded by broadening its criteria to include underrepresented races and ethnicities. Read more at


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