Finally! A VR game!

And what a gem we found! Puppet Fever is literally the name of the game and it's one of those unanticipated experiences that really makes us smile every time we see it.

It's just a little over a year since we announced that we were scouting for VR projects. We traveled the world, we organized some VR jams and we had a lot of fun. Many proposals and prototypes were sent to us (over 60 I believe), and many of them were great. But there's this thing about scouting for games - it's like you THINK you know what you're looking for until that game that you didn't know you were looking for hits you right in the face. For us that was Puppet Fever. Made by Coastalbyte, a small indie team from the butter producing town of Karlshamn, Sweden.

It was during Dreamhackathon at the 2016 edition of Dreamhack Winter that we really got to hang out with this team, get to know them, their process and finally their awesome puppet game. Since then we've been working together on making Puppet Fever a game everyone out there will be able to enjoy. Pretty soon too. If everything goes according to plan it'll be out on a VR system near you before the end of this year.

What exactly is Puppet Fever? Virtual puppetry meets Charades - go inside your VR headset and become the Puppet Master. Put on a show for your friends at home or online. The rest is anyone's guess!

Sebastian Badylak

Posted by Sebastian Badylak

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