Hey hey video maker!

Coffee Stain Publishing are looking for someone to make our games look great on video. We’d like help with making trailers, gifs and other moving material based on the different games we’re working with (you can see them here https://www.coffeestainstudios.com/games/)

Please send us your portfolio.

Position is part-time to begin with and located wherever you can find wifi signal (but preferably you live in a timezone close to Sweden).

About Coffee Stain

Coffee Stain Publishing is a company started under the Coffee Stain Group, with the goal to rock the publishing scene. We help build games into awesome products that sell well. We don't look for a specific type of game, except they have to be games we would love to play ourselves and see business potential in.

Important to us

  • Entrepreneurship
  • High ambitions
  • Constant development
  • Multi-talents

We give

  • High influence
  • Great freedom and responsibility
  • The chance to participate in something awesome

AND… Action!


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Sebastian Badylak

Posted by Sebastian Badylak

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