Holy shit Battlerite!

Yes, the rumours are true! Our friends over at Stunlock Studios are going to release Battlerite, the successor to their arena brawler Bloodline Champions, and Coffee Stain is the financial backer in the project!

Battlerite is just as the original, a team arena brawler focused on short and intense PvP matches with high skill ceiling and no luck. This time around, with way better graphics, vastly improved game play and mechanics. The collaboration between the studios began last year when Stunlock approached Coffee Stain with the idea to make a new version of Bloodline Champions. We quickly fell in love with their work, and being fans of MOBA's and competitive games in general (yeah, we don't just like goats), we felt it was a great opportunity. Since last year Coffee Stain has been part of the project in the form of investor, and also when it comes to feedback. It's been important for us that Stunlock got to maintain full creative control, and hence they have.

Read more about Battlerite and find all the latest news or sign up for the beta over at Battlerite.com

We can't wait to crush you guys in the arena!

Paul Yance

Posted by Paul Yance

Lead Designer. And when the gods will it, I dabble in the occasional UI/UX work.