Onwards to new adventures

It’s now been more than 4 years since I started working at Coffee Stain, and so many fun things have happened since. I joined the team when Sanctum 2 was 6 months into development, but it still felt like it was the first game that I had worked on from start to finish. We were so proud of our work, yet at the same time super anxious to see what the rest of the world would think of our creation. Then one year later, Goat Simulator happened, and that whole project was so much fun that I honestly think I might be spoiled for life. In a good way! It was so awesome to create something so ridiculous and stupid, that ended up being so much fun we’d cry from laughing every other day during development. Then after release, we took put Goat Simulator inside a fake MMO, we released a zombie-themed expansion (and I still can’t believe we call it GoatZ, hahaha), we robbed some banks with the Payday folks, and the goat went to freaking space. All this while I had the fortune to interact with the wonderful people that is our Facebook community (I will miss shitposting for you guys more than you think! <3)

Even though though Coffee Stain have been my family for the last four years, I feel ready to move on to new adventures. It’ll be sad to leave, but at the same time, the future is always incredibly exciting. It’s too early to tell you exactly what I’ll be doing next, but what I can tell you right now is regardless of what it is, it’ll be a lot of fun. More than anything, I’m looking forward to taking new steps on a new road in my life.

Thanks for all the good times.

- Armin