We are looking for new games to publish!

Hi Devs!

With the release of Deep Rock Galactic, we're ready to take on new projects. Contact us using this form 📝 and we'll set up a meeting.

If you’re going to GDC and want to meet up, make sure to reach out as soon as you can!

The publishing team is a tightly knit group with broad experience of creating games played by millions. Some games quirky other serious, some hardcore other casual, some very ambitious other smaller in scope.

Combined experience includes:

  • Starting Coffee Stain Studios and creating Goat Simulator
    Sanctum franchises
  • Biz-dev and Production Direction for Minecraft since day 1
  • Coaching dozens of start-ups and shaping the Sweden Game Arena
  • Reaching millions of players through data-driven marketing at King
  • Creating huge content-driven games at Ubisoft and Sony

We basically have one mission:
Enabling unique games live up to their full potential.

If you'd like to partner up, let us know!

Rock and Stone!